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As I studied and lived in Ireland, English is for me more than a second language and though Evolplay's actual main bases are in Belgium, France and Spain, the word Evolplay is actually mainly rooted in English.

Evolplay is a "suitcase word": Literally "Evol-ution through Play-ing", then it is also Love Play and the first three letters E.V.O. are the initials of my name Eric Van Osselaer.

In 2006 Evolplay became also the main structure of François Cys and through us and our works, is linked to an always wider network of people and organisations. Today there can be up to 6 artists on tour and sometimes for creations in whole towns for example, we can end up coordinating Evolplay teams, working with local populations and organisations .

Evolplay public tools for participative exhibitions and performances answer an equation: How to generate access to all publics and exponential development of appropriations qualities, while making always less concessions?

The projects created for adults are naturally appropriated by children and are at the opposite of being clever for the public. Playing, simplicity, humour and multidimentional respect for the other are directly born from the complexity of fundamentally new mechanics of tools and actions conception, generated by a fundamental change of perceptions of realities in progress throughout humanity.


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Come for what we want and get what we need: The missunderstanding about what these tools are, their functions and utilities, is actually part of the way they help the users bypass the filtering processes of all informations reaching our senses and the ways in which we compartmentalize all realities.

Coordinnation actions and tools: Always more loosing control on others, while accelerating the global mutation through chain reactions-> no control on form and full coordinnation of structure. Generate choice in futures rather then loose them as the past only had the option to loose them for us in our presents.

Decompartmentalization is the key word and the main function of all Evolplay works and public actions. Today the Orgabits and Cyclophone projects are by far the most solicited, then our creations, innovations, discoveries and inventions in specialized fields like socio educative tools, public installations, arts, music, instrument making, amplification, mechanics... Are born from decompartmentalised researches and mechanics of research (read text: Walokoto), that have today limitless applications.

The applications of "my researches" (which I don't consider like that at all), are limitless because rising predictive mechanics instead of descriptive ones, have directly evolved in relation to decompartmentalization: Structurally; a computer, a garden and global economics are the same thing.


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The main innovation underlying my works is about the mechanics of systemic evolution. Perception of universal structural evolution curves giving the possibility to anticipate all coming evolution steps as the end of the curves, and my works are about the fundamental change of perceptions, ways to think and act that develop beyond the end of the structural evolution curve in futures.

It happened the other way around, first I produced tools in the ways to think and act of the future after the mutation has happened, then I began to understand. Trying to communicate makes more sense now as it becomes a relation with the tools and not an explanation of the tools that destroys them.  


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Blacks and women are inferior human beings until they are not anymore, rice is discovered to be more evolved then human beings then it is just that plants have gone further in their directions then animals and all tends to be different and equal rather than inferior or superior. There is only one form of intelligence, then 2, 4, 16, 872...This evolution pattern is universal, no matter what happens, evolution inevitably goes in that direction so it is not necessary anymore to evolve facing the past. Structurally there are no unknown futures anymore and it totally changes... Well everything, to a point the most ridiculously positive utopists could never afford to dream of.


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The solution is not only to have specific solutions to specific problems, what matters is not only to have innovations, discoveries and inventions, it is how every human being is reached by the possibility to claim the responsibility of the mutations they imply and begins to manage the mechanics of resistance to change, to avoid collapses and all forms of destructions to generate instead benefits for all realities in all directions.

Thus the importance of tools that generate the change through chain reactions in relation to communications that don't explain the tools but give the possibility to generate an infinity of new tools. A tool being here all that serves towards an objective; a hammer, a strategy to induce exponential recession of all forms of destructions in relation to exponential evolution of all forms of differences and potentials...


vegetable light music


Giving the information and proofs that earth is roundish and only the center of itself, doesn't change a thing in realities that totally depend on other perceptions of realities. Well, it is the slowest possible way to participate to evolution and was the fastest, only for as long as it was the only one.

It is the passage from a humanity which is totally passenger of a fatality and doomed to evaluate that it is more or less than before, to a humanity conscious that it is impossible to be anything else than total passenger of a fatality, finally meeting the mechanics of reality and changing the way of being passenger of the fatality it is part of. Evolution did happen, and has not yet begun at all.

Evolplay and evolution


Life has always been perfect but the only option up to a few years ago was to function in opposition to reality. Life and death as all realities are all we identify them to be and no reality is what we have needed them to be to participate to life and evolution.

What has changed is that all constraints of evolution were temporary and have no reasons to be anymore. For the first time ever, it has become possible to participate to evolution, consciously making futures in which life is perfect in a different way, reach presents exponentially faster.


cyclophones Belgium


Evolplay was born in 2004, became a sector of the non-profit organization Manufactor before becoming a non-profit organization in 2010.

As I have been always more nomad, instead of buying a small house in Belgium for me, as i tend to choose choices that don't close doors, I bought a big barn in Cantal in the center of France for Evolplay. The future Evolplay center: research, creation, diffusion, training... A potential, a place for us and others, a ridiculously precise project and an opened one. A tool to participate to the development of existing networks dynamics as to all direct and indirect individual, local and global evolutions.



26m L x 10m l x 10m H + 4000 square meters of land. For the moment we're working on the structure and hope to soon have a first place to work there and welcome others.

The actual project is to build stock spaces, workshops, parts that can be lived in part of the year and others all year round. There is also room to create a number of autonomous apartments for residencies etc. This project is also an occasion to further experiment and develop eco-bio construction techniques, in relation to levels of polyvalence and adaptability. Among so many other possibilities: Woods, clays, straws, light, mobile walls, homemade and designed dry toilets… There will also undoubtedly be further experiments with rocket stove mass heaters. The actual plans are made to keep a large open inside space... Obviously there is also large potential outside of the building.

A megalomaniac project with quite humble means but it takes very little to go a long way :-) For a while it may also stay almost as it is, the place has been standing for some 300 years and the only real priority is the few renovations for it to keep standing.

Its evolutions depend on an overall evolution, we also build projects in Belgium which create a bridge with this center in Cantal but it may also become one of the bases for us to be yet more nomadic, so management may also be left to others or simply to profit from the place and of eventual infrastructures as a "lung"? Evolplay will stay the administrator, partly to avoid numerous difficulties and limitations processes induced by functioning solely as an individual 'owner'.


centre evolplay nuit    partie grange

As it is, the place has fabulous acoustics, so the plans for building seek to preserve and inhance that potential along with all others.

paysage cantal

The Evoplay center is at about 800m altitude close by puy Mary that climbs to over 1700m. Cantal in the south of Auvergne is quite isolated, magnificent land of ancient volcanos with a different climate and generally colder winters then the Lot County which is only an hour and a half to the south.

The whole line going from the Alps to the Pyrenees, are regions at the back of the Mediterranean Sea where a lot of active communities and alternative projects grow. A whole dynamic that is not isolated from others in the countries bordering France. Cantal is central, it opens on the south of France and is almost equidistant from Italy, Spain, Switzerland and Germany.

Another reason why this region interested me is that it is dynamic in a shy way compared to regions to its south, in need of populations, culture and dynamics evolution. I tend to identify choosing Cantal as a more difficult challenge with less chance of success, in relation to more open larger potentials. It could thus also play an important role in linking the fabric of French and European networks actively involved in building the futures of humanity in relation to its environment, life.