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Evolplay public achitecture

BALAPLAY___Evolutive play

Three balance form a space, each has been created in reference to an element and in our appropriations we sculpt air in time.

Simplicity and complexity

Each balance is inhabited by chanels on two levels in which marbles travel in linear and non linear random patterns. Stable-unstable system in which part of the marbles change chanel to produce crossing evolutive sound paths in cycles of 4, 5 or 6 interactions. In those cycles, part of the marbles are progressively trapped then eventually freed, creating a long cycle after dozens of interactions. the randomness with the short and long cycle generating evolutive always unique sound events.

The composition evolves from the ever changing crossing of the different cycles of each balance and their different sound qualities


                            Balaplay-new public tools

Appart from marbles of all kinds and numerous materials of which each 'Balasson' is composed of, other mechanic systems trigger events using air and water. In the last versions there are windows with one to three levels of transparence. Somme discoveries are only possible in developping complex gimnastics and/or through collaboration with others. What we see doesn't necessarily fit what we ear, where we see metal rods hit by marbles, our ears see that the hidden parts of the path before and after are different. It is quite impossible to lie to our ears who see the inside geographies always more clearly.

                       balaplay windows

Balaplay is transformed, prepared in relation to the environment of exhibition; from this starting state, each Balassons is created to be modulated in time, depending on the exhibition and it's length, cycles of evolutions are composed. It is a language, only randomness and none. Balaplay is a 'relationnal' installation of which each user is the center and where all induces qualities of appropriation that evolve in time.

Balaplay was an embryo, created to develop it's languages in direct relation with publics to create permanent evolutive installations, mainly unconsciuously inducing in a protected environment, mutations of our perceptions of realities. Unbuilding boundaries between our senses and the mecanics by which we filtrate informations they perceive. The dynamic between abstraction, a neutrality and concrete realities and movements, is quite essential. The installation is made to open towards the environement rather then itself and naming it's functions is part of the mechanics by which we fail to identify it's functions. Balaplay is an all public multidimentional open doorway with no preset rules, predefined begining or end in space or time.

Coordination mechanics, generating choice while always more loosing control on the actions and qualities of appropriations of the publics. The Balaplay project develops conception principles of tools and public tools for unconscious mutation towards structural perceptions, autonomy, different ways of thinking and acting. Participating to an acceleration of the mutation from dependant-codependant global systems towards an indépendant-interdépendant one.

From the embryo Balaplay, was created the project Klanken île in 2005-6. The pasts of humanity have lost choice in it's presents and Eric has had pasts that generated choice in his, so as the process to implant these tools in society is like making war to reach peace, he waits for the presents in tune with the pasts to give him an opportunity to share tools in tune with the futures for any presents (past, present or future), to be reached by them.



Lifes Fondamental axe of change, not only that of the human white male :-)